What to Do When You Reach That Last Page of Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans around the world have reached a collective groan when they finished reading the last of the Harry Potter series. Many have the same problem as I experienced when I had finished the last page. "Now what?" Some of us have found solace in reading the series again, but let's face it, that only works for so long. There are times, as long as you can think about the same set of characters and storylines. As the Harry Potter series begins in the depths of forgotten stories sink and read from time to jump ship.

Although they were arresting in their time, the Harry Potter books are just a trickle from the raging sea of books that are produced every year. Find something new that inspires you.

Many new readers have been formed because of the Harry Potter series and many of them may not be aware that there are many high quality books on the market.

It's hard to believe that there could be some other character as bad as Voldemort, and as brave as Harry, or even as weird as Luna, but I've seen it. In my reading since the last book I was able people who could meet Voldemort look like a softie. Brave heroes struggling with real problems, and therefore very strange characters. My point is that there is a whole world of books, get out there and get started!

I will propose a short list of books that were cool like Harry Potter. I urge you to at least give one of them a try. At least it should help fill the void that you probably feel now, just.

The Hobbit is to read a great fantasy book, and this is the beginning of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which most people are familiar. This is one of my favorite books and highly recommended.


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