An Adult Harry Potter Wanna Be

As Harry Potter climbed the ladder of success, the Harry Potter Halloween Costumes became all the rage these past few seasons! It is no longer a wonder why even adults would want to dress themselves up for Halloween as the boy wonder himself! The mere thought of Harry makes you want to cast a magical spell to make that Halloween party you are attending extra special. Who said that only the kids can have fun as Harry Potter? You can be the next adult Harry Potter too! Do you want to get in touch with you good side by dressing up as him or become his Dark Lord nemesis, Lord Voldemort? Either way you can be a part of the Harry Potter mania on October 31st!
There are a few items that the boy wizard is quite known for and some of these are his robe, wand, owl, broomstick and his big, round black glasses. Of course, the look can never be complete without his lightning scar. For some ideas on where to purchase those round-framed glasses, you can checkout you local drugstore or costume shop. To avoid getting head and eye aches, just snap the lenses out as you make your way merrily to town! Theatrical make-up can make that lightning scar stand out too. This you can also purchase at your local drugstore.
Are you tired of hearing praise after praise about Harry Potter? Personify the Dark Lord by wearing no more than a dark robe, a wand and some theatrical make-up to add up to his evil, pale look. Of course, there are still a lot of characters to choose from! There is Professor Snape, Professor MacGonagal, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Ron Wealey, or be a scary dementor! There are absolutely no limits if you only set free your imagination!


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