Harry Potter Boy Wizard

It was not a fictional character in the last decade has the greatest impact, as Harry Potter. Often credited solely to bring children, books, JK Rowling boy-wizard is undoubtedly the most popular fictional character in the last decade and has Rowling, the best-known author of the last decade. Harry Potter quiz will show that his first appearance in the book was "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

A Harry Potter quiz will show that this assistant was the main character in the series of seven novels Rowling. These books were: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," "Chamber of Secrets", "Prisoner of Azkaban", "Goblet of Fire", "The Order of the Phoenix," "The Half-Blood Prince" and "The Deathly Hallows ". Each book was a bestseller, and later in the series were among the first book launches of all time.

Harry Potter Quiz shows that the books were also the transition in a number of movies. An interesting piece of trivia is that one of the conditions of JK Rowling on the sale of film rights, was that British actor received British parts. It was a new trend in Hollywood to launch American actor roles in British literature, and Rowling did not want that to happen to his characters. Daniel Radcliffe became famous for his portrayal of Harry Potter. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have become well-known names to play Harry's friends Ron and Hermione.

A Harry Potter quiz show that the franchise has spawned a legendary myth in full force for the series. Things like uniforms wizard seen wearing in the film become Halloween costumes to the top. Quidditch, the wizarding world fantasy game in video games became popular. Series and character have largely to cultural institutions, as they appeared.


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