My Favourite Harry Potter Character

The most unpleasant character in Harry Potter is perhaps the most complex character, the one and only Severus Snape.

This oily, dark-haired, hook-nosed potions master at Hogwarts Witchcraft had. The first days of a natural aversion to Harry This is due to the fact that. Severus to Harry's father James Potter, I hate to use when they were both at school Coupling this with the fact that James Snape saved his life, and he married dream girl Snape, Lily Evans, it is not surprising that Snape harbored such as malaise towards him, and then the seed of Harry James.

Rogue is a complex character, I think. It was Infactuated with the forces of evil, when in school, even went so far that Lord Voldemort, the wizarding world when he attempts to conquer Britain in the late 1970s to join. While in the service of Lord Voldemort, he. A prophecy that his master heard concernced, and, of course, hastened to inform him the contents

This content refers to a boy who would one day be able to overcome. Lord Voldemort believes that this boy was Harry Potter, son of Lily.

In a rare feature of a Death Eater, Snape, because of his love for Lily, Albus Dumbledore asked to intervene, and promised in return to keep them safe, something he''''.

A cruel and bitter man, Severus Snape, I find my reading of the texts, was also very brave. In the second trial for Lord Voldemort to power, he began his life as a double agent, promoting resistance. Known only after his death that he did not kill Dumbledore, but an old friend helped to avoid humiliation.


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