Harry Potter and the Dazzling Array of Career Options

It is fascinating to see how the authors of the children, the stuff of dreams caring for children - and nightmares - and make books, movies and merchandise licensing worth tens of books. Not a talent I possess me, to my eternal dismay, I have not got the kind of imagination - or written - that could never happen in something to read that people actually pay.
However, life is not so bad ... I can not be a squillionaire more, but at least I can get the idea of ​​what could JK Rowling Harry Potter made the boys had decided to seek a career in a little more than pedestrian ", to be a magician" (ha entertain - I'd like to see, to that on the national program) ...
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone kidney
Harry Potter medical student in the fight against the forces of evil and remove a kidney stone gravel particularly vital organs of a philosopher. Benefiting from the Staff Nurse anesthetists Hermione and Ron, Harry is growing by the kidneys of the philosopher, in search of the philosopher's stone kidney difficult and not-at-all-magical.
Along the way, the three friends must dodge the bad guys to bring postcode lottery help Magrid get Manky old incinerator samples in the hospital, without half the population infected with MRSA hospital and some finishing operation successfully without falling asleep at work after succession on wealth for 95 hours.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce
Young entrepreneur Harry Potter, his business partner, Ron and Hermione have. Their sexy secretary an exciting adventure of the severity of the Chamber of Commerce breakfast
Negotiating a minefield of bureaucracy unjust government, the small business will help, but in reality only helps to fail them in the first year, nor our young hero evil unit of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in a battle for the corporate income tax for companies in sales of reduce to less than £ 1m per year for 10% of net income, or 15% lower than compromise national insurance for employers, the first year of operation. And free food vouchers every Friday for all startups.


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